In an age of computers, smartphones, and always-connected devices, it’s easy to forget about mail. However, direct mail marketing is as important now as it ever was, and businesses that don’t use the tactic are leaving a lot on the table. Stitch to My Lue offers a vast array of marketing services, including direct mail options. Here are four reasons why you should consider direct mail marketing.

Engage With Customers That Can’t Be Reached Online

Many people think of direct mail marketing as antiquated in a digital age, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since most official correspondence comes in the mail, people check their mail nearly every day. Once your mailer or postcard is in their hand, they have to look at it. Direct mail marketing materials like the ones Stitch to My Lue can create are the perfect solution that can’t be reached through digital channels. Some consumers don’t spend a lot of time on social media or choose to use ad blockers. A direct mail campaign reaches members of your target audience that would otherwise be missed.

Reward Loyal Customers

Direct mail marketing campaigns can also be used to reward loyal customers who visit a local store. The rewards can be a special discount coupon or an invitation to a members-only event. No matter what you do, customers will be pleased to receive something in the mail that shows a business values their patronage. Reward programs help build brand loyalty, which is essential for the longevity of any business. Stitch to My Lue has a special where you can get 5,000 6in.x11in. postcards to use in your next direct mail campaign. If you want to go beyond postcards, Stitch to My Lue can also help you get branded promotional items that also make great customer rewards.

Supplement an Online Campaign

Business marketers need to remember that no marketing tactic reaches every audience at once. This fact is the reason why the best marketing campaigns use a comprehensive strategy. You can use a low-cost direct mail marketing campaign to supplement your online marketing efforts. As was mentioned before, direct mail reaches who may not be online. Marketers can use direct mail materials to direct people to their website. Sending a postcard with a special discount and a website link can get someone to take a look at the site to see if there’s anything they want. Similarly, event organizers can use postcard invitations to remind people to register for an event online. Stitch to My Lue has design services that can ensure your postcard moves the reader to take action online.

Give Customers A Physical Reminder

Direct mail can be used to send promotional offers to consumers who are nearby a business location or in their service area. One of the benefits of using direct mail to send these offers is that they become a physical reminder that can affect the reader every time they see it. With digital marketing tactics, the offer is easy to forget once the person closes the email or they leave the site where the ad was shown. A postcard with a special offer stays with the person longer. Additionally, having a physical coupon gives people a reason to visit a local store when they need something that’s covered by the coupon. Long story short, direct mail marketing has longer to work its magic on the audience than digital tactics.

If you’re curious about creating a direct mail campaign that can help your organization succeed, Stitch to My Lue can help. We offer a full array of marketing and design services that give business owners multiple options for how to accomplish their goal. Send us a message online to schedule an appointment for a consultation about your next marketing project.


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