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Industry trade shows and expos are great places to meet new B2B and B2C customers and partners. These events create an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and a chance to share your products and services—so you can plant the seeds for future sales.

To make the most of your time at your next trade show, it’s key to stay on brand and communicate your company’s capabilities, specialties and brand vibe. Expo attendees want an experience with your company, rather than a traditional sales pitch.

Here are five quick tips to help you maximize your next event—and return to your office with new customers and lots of red-hot leads. 

1. Cue up the cool collateral. Before you hit the show circuit, take some time to create compelling collateral: giveaway products, posters, flyers, business cards and more. Consider what will make you stand out—a specific theme, highlighting certain products or services, or a special VIP offer, for starters. Work with a trusted marketing vendor to bring all of these product and print pieces together in a snap.

2. Build a booth to remember. The goal is to entice expo passers-by to stop and spend more than a little time in your booth. Think about how you can show off your brand personality. As well as how you can illustrate how your products and services solve your prospects’ pain points? Use interactive games, virtual reality experiences, photo booths and other activities that will generate lots of buzz.

3. Give away the right goods. Choose branded swag that’s easily portable. The top promo items that people keep and use are writing instruments (89%), drinkware (88%), quality T-shirts (80%) and bags (73%), according to ASI’s latest Global Ad Impressions Study.  Also consider hosting a drawing for a few desirable prizes: Ask attendees to leave their business cards for a chance to win. Not only will you thrill some lucky winners, but you’ve added lots of new (and excited) prospects to your database.

4. Spread the love on social. If your booth is interactive and fun, help trade show-goers share their experience on social. Set up an area where attendees can pose for pictures (it could be a branded backdrop or as wild as a blow-up alien with your logo on it). Give them a hashtag to use for a chance to win some additional swag. Make attendees your brand ambassadors!

5. Follow up with your new leads. When people return home from trade shows, they expect to be inundated with emails and mailed catalogs from the vendors they met. Stand out from the crowd by sending a 3-D mailer containing a memorable message and a unique product with your logo on it. ASI reports that 85% of people remember (and call on) the brand that gave them a valued promo item, like a T-shirt.

As you’re gearing up for your next expo, check out how STML Print & Marketing can help with your booth materials, giveaway items, business cards, flyers and more.


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