As this year winds down, you’re probably gearing up for your company’s big hiring push in January. Once the calendar flips over onto Jan. 2, you’re likely kicking into high gear: With a new year’s budget comes lots of new opportunities to bring on great new hires at your company. In addition, since lots of people have taken much-needed time off in December, they’re ready to hit the ground running in their job searches. The first half of the year is most active for hiring, especially for crucial executive roles that can help propel your business forward. Heading into late spring, as well, you’re most likely targeting the best soon-to-be college graduates for your entry-level positions. Now’s the time to put together some great strategies to attract and motivate new hires. Here are three ideas to get started.

Create a new-hire welcome package When you hire a new person, whether it’s an executive or an intern, they’re walking into a completely new situation. To make them feel welcome and ready to rock their new role. Of course, you’ll give your new hire the grand tour of your office, introduce them to key colleagues, and get them set up with any training opportunities they’ll need. One other way to really roll out the red carpet is to put together a stellar new-hire package full of useful, premium products. For example, fill an insulated lunch tote with logoed desk accessories like a good-quality pen, mouse pad, USB stick and even headphones. Or, use a tote bag, and add hand sanitizer, lip balm or tin of mints.

Create work-with-us-incentives You and your staff are most likely headed out to job fairs and colleges to recruit new talent. One way to stand out is with useful (and fun) logoed giveaways. Try a light-up logoed pen, or USB drive that’s also a keyring. Here’s a great short list of promo products that you can gift people you interview on the spot: Stress balls, coffee mugs, water bottles, smartphone sleeves, pop sockets, hand sanitizer pumps and drawstring totes. When your candidates head home, they’ll keep your company top of mind, especially when you call them for a follow-up interview. 

Create employee-retention incentives Would it surprise you to know that the average cost of losing an employee is a whopping 33% of their annual salary? When you’ve hired your dream team, you can do lots of things to retain employees, including offering clear onboarding processes, recognizing them for their efforts and promoting career advancement opportunities. In addition, putting together special rewards for employees can go a long way toward keeping good employees on staff. For example, offer gift rewards for a job done well, such as a gift card paired with logoed desk accessories in a tote. Present employees with a special token on their employee anniversary, such as a logoed laptop case, hoodie or jacket. It’s key to show your prospective job candidates, your new hires and your loyal employees that they’re integral to your company’s success. Using special logoed gifts and gifts packages to show people what they mean to you every step of the way helps you build a strong team that will be with you for years to come. To learn more about the human resources marketing services that we offer and how they can help your business, please contact us today! 


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