There was a time when our mailboxes were stuffed with more advertisements than the spam folder in our email inbox. That time has since passed, but the issue of sorting through mail and advertisements has switched from the physical space to the digital space. Could this mean that it might be time to switch back into direct mail marketing to grow your business and increase your customer base?

Many new business owners shudder at the thought of running a direct mail marketing campaign. Business owners and ad agencies are convinced that digital marketing is the future, but they fail to recognize the newfound space in advertising through mail. If you are still skeptical about direct mail, would it help to know that Google uses direct mail marketing campaigns? That’s right, the tech giant Google sends direct mail postcards to potential customers to grow their business.

While we don’t want to deny the success of digital marketing and advertising online, we also don’t want to completely forget about direct mail marketing. There are plenty of opportunities to grow your business, so why not explore an effective, engaging, and affordable option for advertising? At Stitch To My Lue Promotions, we have years of experience running successful direct mail advertising campaigns for business across Florida and the United States. Visit our website for more information today.

The Most Common Direct Mail Misconceptions


When you are looking to start an advertising campaign, it may be effective to approach the campaign from a non-digital perspective. Even if you think that direct mail marketing may be an excellent idea, you may still have some apprehension or doubts about the success of a direct mail marketing campaign.

At Stitch To My Lue Promotions, we put together a list of the three most common misconceptions people have when they are thinking about running a direct mail marketing campaign. Don’t let the digital advertising pundits trick you — here is the truth about direct mail marketing.

1. Direct Mail Doesn’t Reach Anybody


This misconception is most likely founded in poorly analyzed statistics and ignorance. One statistic that is thrown around frequently is that the total mail volume processed by the USPS is down by 29.85 percent since 2006. Initially, this statistic doesn’t look great for direct mail marketing. It demonstrates that many businesses are shifting away from direct mail marketing and moving more and more into the digital space.

What does this mean for your business? You have space! Advertising in the digital world is incredibly competitive, but if the pool of competitors that advertise through direct mail is smaller, your business can stand out more. In addition to having less competition in the physical space, direct mail advertisements receive eight percent more engagement, with house files or customer lists specifically, than other digital advertising mediums, according to the Association of National Advertisers. Direct mail advertisements have nearly doubled in their engagement rates since 2006, even as the total number of mail decreases.

2. People Don’t Read Direct Mail Offers or Advertisements


As we pointed out in the previous misconception, response rates from direct mail advertisements hover at around nine percent. While email response rate is around one percent, direct mail is definitely being read. One of the most important components of direct mail marketing is being able to pair it with a digital advertising campaign.

For example, the human attention span is, on average, eight seconds. When our email inboxes are full, we don’t spend much time sorting through different advertisements, special offers, or coupons that may be in an email. However, if a consumer recognizes a company name on an email because they also received direct mail from the same business, they are more likely to engage with either the direct mail advertisement or the email.


3. It Doesn’t Work If It’s Not Digital


Digital marketing is a fiercely competitive medium for advertisements. It is important to remember that digital marketing isn’t for every business. Depending on what your target audience is, you may find that your potential customers don’t use competitors or check their emails as frequently. As a result, a digital advertising campaign would be ineffective at reaching them and increasing their engagement with your business.

No two marketing campaigns are the same, just as every business has unique needs and unique customers. No one understands this more than Stitch To My Lue Promotions, which is why we tailor every marketing campaign to the specific needs of a business. We have marketing programs that fit every business and any budget. If you are ready to learn more about how a direct mail marketing campaign can transform your business’s success, contact us today for more information.


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