Email Rules All Businesses Should Follow

Email is a very effective and cost efficient marketing option for any business. 


If you don’t already collect email addresses from your customers and contacts, I strongly encourage you to begin.  Many businesses rely on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many others to communicate with their audience.  These are also effective tools but remember, you do not OWN these tools.  If anyone one of them were to shut your page down for any reason, how would you continue to communicate with you audience?  Enter email!  There are a few basic rules that you should be aware of to remain in compliance with governing bodies.  These rules do vary by country, so I encourage you to research these rules for each country that you operate in.  I recently came across an article that talks about some of the basics that are required within the US.  Using a reputable email platform can help you manage these rules.  We help many of our clients get setup on Active Campaign.  If you are looking for an email platform, we do have special offers that are available through our company exclusively.  


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