Dental postcard case study
Client: Sam Cowherd DDS Family Dentistry
Industry: Dental Services
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Cards Mailed: 39,650

319 dental prospect calls generated!

Dr. Cowherd ended up mailing 39,650 postcards (shown above) to saturate his local area with his marketing message.

Plus, he ran Google ads (that matched his postcard designs) at the same time they mailed using SocialDM, all of which generated the following:
295 clicks to his website
1,032,156 online ads shown
319 prospect calls

That’s 319 potential new patients who called in, using SocialDM’s call tracking feature.

SocialDM is an integrated marketing approach that leverages the effectiveness of traditional postcard marketing combined with the power and low cost of online digital and social media ads to create a powerful, repetitive marketing campaign.

Do you know that 80% of sales occur between the 8th and 12 contact? SocialDM is an affordable marketing platform that will easily achieve multiple marketing impressions so that you can grow your business.


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