Did you know that companies with a strongly established culture have turnover rates of just 13.9%, compared to 48.4% at those without? Company culture matters – perhaps now more than ever, with reputations easily researched on the internet – and branded items or “swag” can help it grow and improve. Here are just a few examples how: 

  • Enhance your employer brand. Your reputation as an employer can be developed in a variety of ways and a great way is to provide stylish products to represent your brand. When employees wear your logo outside of work, they demonstrate pride in what they do: this looks good for them and great for you. A unique company shirt stands out among classic t-shirts: a baseball shirt like the Bella+Canvas Unisex ¾ Sleeve Baseball Tee is much more of a head-turner and gives your brand a unique signature. Choosing high quality, name brand products to promote your business also shows that you’re committed to quality. 
  • Make employees feel good. When you gift company swag, current employees feel celebrated and new hires feel welcomed. An onboarding kit with a shirt, notebook, pens, water bottle, and so on is a great welcome gift for a new employee on their first day. Any of these items also make good gifts for current employees as a way of reaching out with a generous random act of kindness. A backpack is a functional and stylish choice: the Carly Computer Backpack has the added bonus of a laptop compartment, great for teams who bring their laptops on the go. 
  • Creates a sense of community. Not every team in your organization may interact with one another, especially if your company is large and/or has multiple office locations. Swag can be used to unify company culture and connect different teams and locations. A light, soft shell jacket is a versatile choice because it can be layered to wear during virtually any season, and employees can recognize each other when out and about sporting their jacket. Try a Port Authority Core Soft Shell Jacket for a design that’s unisex and water-resistant. 
  • Promotes company values. Use your swag to demonstrate what matters to your company and remind employees what you’re all about. Products that reference your mission serve as a great reminder for employees which can help align them with the company’s values. Some sports teams will embroider or print their team motto in places only the players can see. This serves as a small but powerful reminder of what your company does and why it matters. For example, near the hem of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ jerseys is printed their rallying cry, “All for One.” 

Overall, company swag may be one small piece of the larger picture of your company culture, but it can make a big impact in making it clear, defined, and meaningful to your employees. 


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