spa postcard
Client: Nicole Frontera
 Industry: Beauty Services
 Location: Rockaway Park, NY
 Cards Mailed: 6,000

Attract New Clients for Medical Billing

SocialDM is an integrated marketing approach that leverages the effectiveness of traditional postcard marketing combined with the power and low cost of online digital and social media ads to create a powerful, repetitive marketing campaign.

Do you know that 80% of sales occur between the 8th and 12 contact? SocialDM is an affordable marketing platform that will easily achieve multiple marketing impressions so that you can grow your business.

Check out this spa case study and see the possibilities with SocialDM.

The spa also signed up for SocialDM to maximize their return on investment (ROI). Not only could they see when their postcards were expected to reach mail­boxes, they were able to see exactly how many calls the postcard generated! But the most exciting aspect of SocialDM is the Google advertising aspect. These online follow-up ads were shown to anyone who visited the spas website, remind­ing them about the service they were interested in!


Nicole Frontera Beauty received 20 calls from interested prospects as a result of their postcard campaign. Since the average price of an Ultherapy treatment is $2,500, if they closed even HALF of those leads on that service, they would gen­erate at least $25,000!


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