Bringing new employees onto your team is always an exciting process. But, did you know it can also be an opportunity to integrate new aspects of company culture? Bringing on new team members is a chance to establish a culture of employee engagement. Make your new employees feel welcome and revive your company culture with these tips! 

To make new employees feel welcome and show them some appreciation, start them off with a few branded gifts. This will generate excitement about their new role and being a part of your company. The more your employees feel like they’re valued team members, the more engaged they’ll be! 

A notebook is a must-have, both for taking first-day notes on the company and new position, as well as for going forward in their role. Gift a Lucca Journal for this purpose – employees will love the stylish hard cover with cork panel accent. Plus, it has a satin ribbon page marker and elastic pen loop for maximum functionality. 

Also choose gifts that will provide your new employees comfort at the office, like a branded coffee mug. This 14 oz. Cork Mug has a spill resistant lid and cork bottom that protects surfaces from heat and scratches. Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect employees’ eyes when looking at a computer screen for long periods of time. Accessories for bringing lunch to work are also great choices, like a stackable bento box or a wheat straw plastic lunch box container

Remember that the products you choose say a lot about your company to a new employee. Products with recycled materials or a giveback program show that you value social responsibility. This logoed cotton tote bag lets them sport their new employer’s brand on the way to work and back home again – plus it’s made with post-consumer cotton and gives back through 1% for the Planet! 

Emphasizing your company’s newest employees can benefit your company culture. It’s a chance to inspire employee engagement, make new hires feel welcome and valued, and show them what your company values most. Take this opportunity to appreciate your new hires and show them what your team is all about! 


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