Each year, Nurses Week takes place from May 6-12. This important week highlights the vital role nurses play in our society, and memorializes the Founder of Modern Nursing, Florence Nightingale. For Nurses Week 2020, let’s show our appreciation for nurses’ hard work and dedication! The theme for this year’s week is “compassion, expertise, and trust,” three values that great nurses demonstrate every day. 

Nurses Week 

Florence Nightingale was the Founder of Modern Nursing and made several major contributions to the field. She spearheaded the modern practice of nursing, promoted sanitation practices, and made strides in statistical data presentation. She established training programs to teach other nurses and embodied the 2020 Nurses Week values: compassion, expertise, and trust. We honor Nightingale each year, as her birthday is the final day of Nurses Week. 

Today’s nurses work long hours, usually on their feet throughout a whole shift. Wherever we go for medical treatment, chances are good that a nurse will be the first to give us care. Let’s give them the thanks and recognition they deserve for their hard work! 

Gift Ideas 

The best thank-you you can give a nurse is with a gift that represents how much their work is appreciated – something both thoughtful and functional. The MopTopper™ Pen & Notebook Gift Set is a great choice. This silly yet charming pen will put a smile on a nurse’s face and even brighten their patients’ days. The pen stores away conveniently in the matching, branded notebook with a snap closure flap. 

Another great gift choice for Nurses Week is the Catalyst Convention Tote. With multiple pockets and an elastic pen loop, nurses will be able to store every essential. Any nurse will also appreciate the Link Lunch Cooler for toting meals to long shifts. It keeps food insulated and features a side pocket to hold a beverage. 

Keep nurses hydrated on and off the job by gifting a reusable water bottle. The Oasis Double Wall Stainless Bottle can keep beverages cold for up to 48 hours! And its slim design fits easily in car cupholders – perfect for a nurse’s commute. 

This year for Nurses Week, make sure you’re showing the nurses around you how much you care. A small gesture can go a long way toward making them feel appreciated. Looking for more ideas for a memorable Nurses Week gift? Reach out to us here


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