Insurance Postcard
Client: Goodrich & Watson
Industry: Insurance
Location: Newport News, VA
Cards Mailed: 6,000

Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

SocialDM is an integrated marketing approach that leverages the effectiveness of traditional postcard marketing combined with the power and low cost of online digital and social media ads to create a powerful, repetitive marketing campaign.

Do you know that 80% of sales occur between the 8th and 12 contact? SocialDM is an affordable marketing platform that will easily achieve multiple marketing impressions so that you can grow your business.

Check out this insurance case study and see the possibilities with SocialDM.

 With the tracking capabilities of SocialDM, the agency was able to see that they had 2,000 unique visitors to their website over the course of the campaign. Those visitors were then followed by Goodrich Watson’s online banner ads on websites across the Google network.

 Their ads were shown 185,557 times, and 114 people clicked on their follow-up ads to get back to their website. That’s 114 interested leads that could potentially become new insurance clients!


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