Take Care of Your People & Your People Will Take Care of You

Give your employees some company pride with custom Swag Packs from STML Print & Marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase work smarter not harder, right? When it comes onboarding new employees, this is especially true. HR professionals are already busy handling employee retention, payroll, and so much more.

The last thing they need is to worry about finding new ways to create employment pride.

That’s where our SWAG PACKS comes in. There are plenty of Pinterest boards full of onboarding package ideas out there, but who has the time for that? Our employee Swag Packs are the perfect fit for your company’s:


You can’t go blowing all your department's budget on cute little gifts... and end up overspending with every employee. Instead, start by setting an ideal budget and STICK to it.


When you have a cut, what do you put on it? Band-Aid? Nope. That's a Brand. You want an adhesive bandage. When you have to blow your nose, what do you use? Kleenex? Nope. That's also a Brand. You want a tissue. That's the power of branding. And for businesses, finding the right employees to represent your brand is imperative. And the right Swag Packs represent your brand to your new employees.


The right atmosphere makes all the difference when it comes to a productive, effective work environment. Some individuals thrive in loud, rambunctious workplaces... while others need complete silence and isolation. Our curated gifts will represent your company's environment!

Ready to get started? Tap the link below to customize your company's Swag Packs today!

Once you customize the package, we’ll take care of the rest! We complete your order, store your bags, and ship them to each individual employee of your choosing! Want all the gifts in one place? We’ll deliver them to your office at the snap of your fingers.

Just say the word, and we’ll get to work!

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