Get More From Your Political Direct Mail!

Political PowerUp is a marketing based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing results through cross-channel marketing on the Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube and District targeting.  

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Targeted Direct Mail

We'll design, print & mail for you! We can use your list or ours! We have hundreds of data attributes to use to choose the best prospects.

Call Tracking

A unique local or toll free phone number will be assigned to your campaign and printed on all mail pieces. Any calls placed to this number will be tracked and recorded. This is a great tool for training!

Social Match

We will match the mailing list to Facebook & Instagram accounts. This means your message will be delivered to prospects before they even visit your website.

Youtube Ads

Display video ads during the next YouTube video watched prospects!

Mail Tracking

Data is received directly from USPS by using the Intelligent Mail Barcode system. Great for predicting when your mail will reach mailboxes.

Online Follow Up

Extend the life of your direct mail! Web visitors are tagged & will continue to see your message across the Google Display Network.


Identify visitors to your website even if they weren't on your mail list. Use this date for a follow up mail campaign.

District Targeting

We'll match congressional district codes with the district you're running in. Get your District Targeting Ads run on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery® integration allows a full color, clickable image to be displayed within a grayscale email sent by USPS. You can track where these emails have been opened.

Social Media Follow Up

Your message will be shown to prospects scrolling through Facebook & Instagram. Keeping you top of mind and continuing to extend the life of your direct mail!

Gmail Match

We'll match your mailing list to Gmail accounts and display ads right in their inbox! No email required!

Tracking Dashboard

Your client dashboard is running in the background collecting results of your specific campaign. View your results in real time! All of this exposure will keep you front and center of the voters!

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