As we approach the end of the final quarter, we also approach the holidays – and it’s not always easy to keep up momentum for that final push while seasonal distractions abound. The final months of the year will determine if your organization’s annual goals are met, and how strong of a start you will have in the New Year, so it’s vital to keep your team on track. Here’s how to keep everyone focused throughout Quarter 4 without putting a damper on the holiday cheer. 

  • Lead through example: It’s normal for executives and company management to expect a lot from their team during the end-of-the-year push; however, they should be willing to put in the extra time and effort alongside them. To get their employees to stay dedicated and on track in the fourth quarter, management must lead with their own example. Employees look to the higher-ups for guidance and may follow suit, whether that means slacking off or getting down to business. 
  • Appreciation & Recognition: Recognizing hard work is valuable year-round, but around the holidays it’s extra important to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts. This could include offering incentives for those who go above and beyond. It doesn’t have to be a monetary reward like a bonus or gift card: you can offer PTO days in the New Year to employees who go above and beyond, or give out raffle tickets for a prize. 
  • Set realistic goals: It’s great to aim high. What’s not so great is overworking and overstressing your team throughout the holiday season. By this point in the year, you can likely tell if your annual and Q4 goals are in reach or not. Keep your expectations realistic by remembering to value everyone’s sanity above all. 

Overall, enjoy the holiday season – it only comes once a year! With a little focus and motivation, your company can finish off the year strong and head into 2020 with a head start. 


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