Did you know companies that have a strong culture and high employee engagement earn 2.5 times as much revenue than those without? Company culture is what keeps employees happy, working their hardest, and keeps them sticking around. Plus, doing well by your employees means they’re likely to return the favor.

Great company culture makes happy employees. Gift them some valued swag and those employees get unlimited opportunities to represent your company and advocate for your brand. Brand advocates are customers who go to bat for your brand, representing it on social media and in real life. Individuals providing high praise and unwavering support for your brand is one of the most effective marketing strategies there is.

That’s why employees who work for companies with positive workplace culture make the best brand advocates for the company at which they work. It’s like a simple equation: good company culture + cool employee swag = employee advocates. Here’s how to turn employees into advocates for your brand by strengthening company culture and incorporating trendy employee swag.

• Gift employees something they’ll take anywhere. The more places your swag goes the more eyes see your brand being worn proudly. Jackets, backpacks, and totes are great options.

• Focus on your company’s mission and values. Companies who champion their mission and values have more involved employees. And those values become the basis of your company culture. Incorporate your values into your swag by including a mission statement printed on the back cover of a notebook.

• Make the office more fun. Give branded gifts that add some fun to the office culture, like with a USB plug-in fan or iridescent ceramic mug.

o Product: Mini USB Fan With 3-Way Connector

o Product: 12 Oz. Iridescent Ceramic Mug

• Keep them motivated. Internal motivation is an important part of success and strong company culture. Try a motivational calendar with your logo to remind employees what to keep their sights set on in the new year.

o Product: Motivations 2020 Calendar

• Choose quality. Your company logo makes an even bigger impression when it’s seen alongside a well-respected retail brand logo. For this reason, it’s worth it to go the extra mile for top quality swag when branding functional items like a performance tech t-shirt or waterproof bag.

o Product: Waterproof Bag

o Product: Sport-Tek PosiCharge Electric Heather Colorblock Tee

With the right swag and company culture, your employees will become more than employees – they’ll want to be advocates for your brand, too.

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