At Stitch To My Lue (STML) we offer all sorts of promotional products, from garments to bags to gizmos and gadgets – and beyond!

In our business, we’re keenly aware of the value of having diverse promotional products. In the old days, you could maybe get by with just handing out pens – but today’s industry is different. Companies are upping the ante as it gets easier to custom-produce branded items and ship them to their destinations. So many companies have embraced the power of swag – little gifts and give-aways that get your name out there in the world.

What’s so great about swag? It’s just fun. Having swag on hand at trade shows and events, or internally, is a great way to get people excited and engaged with the brand. Or you can send people stuff in the mail! The possibilities are endless…

For further examples, check out what we offer on the web. For example, you can choose from urban branded drawstring bags, or have stronger weather-resistant backpacks with your brand on them. You can print T-shirts or get your brand on pens or cups or toasters – well, we haven’t added that item yet, but trust us, there’s a lot in our catalog[f1] .

Lots of our customers like to put together packages for various scenarios like talent acquisition, on-boarding, trade shows, customer outreach and more. In fact, the word “outreach” is important here. We also offer direct mailers, but we excel in helping companies to come up with the right approach for offering branded products to a specific target audience. Who doesn’t like a nice tasteful promotional item in the mail? There are so many ways to grow a business with a small investment in custom printing. We love to help!

Browse our site and consider the opportunities. Maybe you want to wow the crowds with branded USB drives that they can use to plug their favorite pictures or music into a device. Maybe you want water bottles or mugs with the company logo proudly printed on the face, so that when people are getting coffee to go, they’ll see your name. Maybe it’s a set of corporate branded jackets to keep your staff warm in the winter.

Whatever it is, we are at your service. We have a great track record of excellent customer service and precision custom branding for clients. We’re ready to help you to move forward with your print and marketing strategy. Talk to us about your business model – what you face, what you think would be good for your brand. Our mission is to get you the most cost-effective and powerful ways to capitalize on the power of swag to impress people and grow visibility. Let’s talk!


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