The process of onboarding and welcoming new employees is an important opportunity for employers. In a previous blog post, we talked about how new hires present a chance to integrate new elements of company culture. Now, learn about the benefits of welcome packages for new employees!  

Welcome packages are a standardized set of items gifted to each new hire. A welcome package serves several purposes. It helps employers make a great first impression, makes new employees feel at home, gives them a sense of the company culture, and sets them up for maximum productivity on their first day. 

The Importance of Good Onboarding 

In today’s world, it’s vital to make a great first impression for employee retention. On a first day, any new employee is already assessing whether the workplace is a good fit for them. But add in the fact that millennials, now a major portion of the workforce, have a reputation as “job hoppers,” and your first impression becomes even more important. Onboarding and training can be costly, so retaining employees is important for your bottom line, too. 

Onboarding that’s done well will make a new employee feel at home, welcomed and valued. A welcome package is the perfect way to do this. Give them everything they need to settle into their new workspace and be productive, and they’ll feel right at home in no time! 

Why a Welcome Package? 

The welcome package is meant to give your new employee everything they need to transition into their new workplace, which is why it’s the perfect onboarding tool. It helps immerse your new employee in your company culture. 

Aside from the onboarding benefits, welcome packages can be great marketing tools. When your employees have more branded gear, your logo goes more places, increasing brand awareness. When your branded items are on trend, they may even get posted to social media by your new employees, spreading brand awareness even further. 

What to Include 

On the first day at a new job, a recent hire may just be expecting an employee handbook, but good onboarding doesn’t stop there. Your new employee will also need a notebook and some pens to take notes on all the new information they’ll be learning. Other office supplies like sticky notes, paperclips, and USB drives make great first day gifts, too. 

No one likes sitting at a desk, waiting for instruction after finishing the employee handbook in the first 10 minutes. So, give your new hire more to do and a schedule so they know what to expect. A first-day (or first-week) agenda is way to give your new employee peace of mind and give them smaller tasks to do independently on the first day in between training sessions.  

Also make sure to include other gifted items to help them settle in at their desk. This will give them more to do and help them feel more at home. 

Gift Ideas   

When choosing gifts for your welcome package, think of both function and style. You also want to choose items that are representative of your company culture and values. 

A desk organizer is perfect for helping new hires settle into their new workspace. The Office Buddy Cube includes various sizes and colors of sticky notes to stock up their desk, and a built-in pen holder. Your new hires will be glad to have accessories for their new desk on the first day. Make sure to include some logoed pens to go in the organizer! 

Including a high-end tech item makes a great first impression. The Ultimate Wireless Earbuds have a wireless charging case. Your new employees will love using these in and out of the office.  

Finally, make sure you have something to tie it all together like a gift box – or even better, a reusable bag to put everything in! The Hologram Mini Tote Bag makes a major impression with iridescent material that gives a peek at the contents inside. It also makes a handy lunch tote and is sure to catch eyes wherever it’s carried! 

Bringing It All Together 

Once you’ve selected a few gift elements for your welcome package, add in your employee handbook and an agenda so your new hire will have everything they need to have a happy, productive first day. Browse our thousands of options for great new hire gifts at Want more product recommendations for your welcome package? Reach out to us here or Get Started!


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