Small businesses are responsible for nearly 62 percent of all jobs created in the United States annually. As any experienced small business owner knows, the right team can help catapult their business into the stratosphere. Finding and hiring the right employees is more challenging than most entrepreneurs realize.

Once you have found and hired a new team member, making them feel like part of the team should be your main goal. Introducing them to your employee programs and company culture is important. One of the best ways to do this without overwhelming a new employee is by giving them a welcome packet.

Read below to find out about some of the vital things that should be featured in this packet.

A New Employee Swag Pack is a Great Idea

Are you looking for a way to make an impression on a new employee? If so, providing them with a swag pack is a good idea. This swag pack needs to include a variety of items that are both useful and emblazoned with your company’s logos.

Reinforcing your brand and company culture is easy when providing a t-shirt in your swag pack that features the company logo. You should also provide essential items like a water bottle or a journal in this swag pack. The new employee can use this journal to take notes on their first day. The money invested in quality employee swag packs is worth it considering the impact they can help you make. 

Provide New Team Members With a Personalized Welcome Message

As the owner of a small business, your main goal should be to make new team members feel welcome and appreciated. One of the first things you need to put in an employee welcome packet is a personalized message. If you want to keep this type of communication traditional, you can write the new employee a short letter.

However, if you want to reinforce how innovative and cutting edge your business is, creating a video welcome message for your new employee may be a good idea. This message should include things like a thank you to the new employee for choosing to work with your company and a breakdown of what your company culture is. Not only will this welcome message help you connect with the new employee, it will also reinforce your company’s values and mission statement.

An Onboarding Plan is Crucial

One of the biggest challenges that a new employee will have is learning how to do their job. Instead of overwhelming them with information right away, you need to provide them with an onboarding plan in their welcome packet. This plan needs to give a detailed breakdown of the type of training the employee will receive and a description as to why this training is so important.

By presenting your new employee with this outline, you can take some of the stress and mystery out of the onboarding process. If a new employee knows what they are in for right away, they will be less apprehensive to jump in with both feet and start learning.

Staff Profiles Can Be Helpful For a New Employee

Starting a new job can be a very stressful and worrisome experience. Your new employee probably won’t know any of their coworkers, which is why providing them with staff profiles in their welcome packet is a great idea.

These profiles should include information about what a particular staff member does and more information about how long they have been with the company. With this information, a new employee can get to know their fellow team members better and feel more at ease in their role with your company.

Creating a Unique Company Culture is Hard Work

Attracting the best and brightest employees is easy if you have a unique and engaging company culture. The team at Stitch to My Lue Promotions can help you develop a company culture and employee programs. Contact us now to find out more about the services we provide.


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