Birthdays are a time of joy and celebration. Even the most stoic person can admittedly get a little bit excited when they hear the first few bars of, “Happy birthday to you…!” on their special day. When you think about how to bolster your relationship with your customers, does their birthdays come to your mind? Such a simple act can communicate volumes to them, showing them that you both care about them and truly appreciate them. Securing the ongoing loyalty from your customers really can be as simple as remembering their birthday.

Everyone Likes to Feel Remembered

Birthdays happen every year, and while some people look forward to them with excitement, other people may try to downplay it. Regardless of your customer’s approach to their birthday, research indicates that most people have a certain fond regard for their own date of birth. Studies have shown that people love feeling remembered on their birthdays, and even if they don’t like to make a lot of fuss, they still consider their birthday to be a special occasion. Why not reinforce those warm feelings by showing your customers that you also care? Even something as simple as a postcard from your business can help make their birthday better.

Give Them a Gift

What’s better than receiving a birthday card in the mail? Getting a little present to go along with it, too. If you want to do something particularly nice for your customers, offer them a small birthday gift as a token of your appreciation for them. For instance, if you work in the restaurant industry, why not offer them a free dessert on their birthday? Or, if your business is retail, have them visit your location and give them a small token (such as a keychain or another personalized promotional item) with no strings attached. Not only will you make them feel valued, they’ll also need to stop by your business to collect their gift – and may wind up spending some money while they’re there, too!

Increase Your Revenue by Doing Something Kind

No matter your industry, you can absolutely benefit from sending out birthday marketing. This simple act of consideration, which can make a customer feel delighted with you, can also improve your bottom line. When a customer feels appreciated, they’ll remember it later on. By making an effort to remember your customers’ birthdays, you will stand out and they’ll be sure to visit your business again in the future. It’s a win-win situation: you can make someone feel happy while also ensuring their ongoing patronship to you in the future.

Birthday marketing is a sure way to not only stay in touch with your customers, but also remind them why they like your business in the first place. It can increase your bottom line while also strengthening their loyalty to you. To learn more about the birthday marketing services that we offer and how they can help your business, please contact us today!


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